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When you purchase a license for Visual Assist, you receive a two-line activation key that identifies a license, user count, term of software maintenance, and hash-code to activate a genuine copy of Visual Assist.

Enter an Activation Key

Enter an activation key in the prompt that appears when you start your IDE, or any time via the menubar (Alt+X, H, E).

Be sure to enter all lines of your key, beginning with an email address.

Obtain Your Current Activation Key

You can obtain the first line of your activation key from the About dialog of Visual Assist.

In addition to the license holder, the first line identifies the number of users permitted to use the license, and the term of your software maintenance.


Visit the Purchasing FAQ to learn more about licenses and activation keys.

Software Maintenance

Visit the description of maintenance to find out what's included, how to tell if you qualify for a build of Visual Assist, and how to renew.


Visit the credits to discover the numerous people and organizations who make Visual Assist a better product for everyone.