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Visual Assist includes parsers that execute as you edit, typically when you pause after typing. The parsers examine several lines surrounding your current edit, or your entire file, as necessary. Parsing is fast because object code is not generated.

Although unnecessary, you can force Visual Assist to re-parse your current file should you feel its parsers are out-of-sync with your code. Because the need is unnecessary, the re-parse feature is available primarily for legacy purposes. 

Force a re-parse from the VAssistX menu.

Visual C++ 6.0

Force a re-parse via toolbar button.

Symbol Definitions

If symbol definitions in C/C++ are in gross error, make sure Project Directories are configured properly.

If symbol definitions were known previously, force Visual Assist to parse all of your source files and rebuild its symbol database by pressing Rebuild in the options dialog.

Override Parser

Force Visual Assist to parse complex code in a specific way by following instructions to edit a Visual Assist-specific stdafx.h.

Registry Settings

Value Name Meaning
MaximumScreenReparseLineCount Adjust lookahead when coloring in collapsed code
LimitMacro Parse macros calling macros
ReparseIfNeededMaxFileSize Configure reparse settings for new symbols
VerifyDbOnLoad Set preference for reparse after IDE crash