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Move your caret to any symbol in your code and press the Goto button to jump to the declaration or implementation of the symbol. If more than one location exists, a menu of locations appears. Select the one you want and the appropriate file opens.

Locating Implementations

Visual Assist searches for an implementation in files of the directory containing the declaration of a symbol, as well as ../src and ../source directories.

List source directories of C/C++ objects implemented outside your projects in the IDE settings, e.g. in Source files of Tools|Options|Projects|VC++ Directories, or on the Directories node of the Visual Assist options dialog. For sources not specified, the Goto button finds only declarations.

Press Rebuild on the Performance node of the Visual Assist options dialog and restart your IDE after you specify additional sources.

Language-Specific Behavior

In JavaScript, jump from an object attribute to its associated handler (e.g. onClick).

Open files in HTML <a href=""> and <img src=""> tags. Place the caret anywhere in the filename or path and press Goto.

Open files included via classic ASP's <!--#include file--> syntax. Place the caret anywhere in the filename or path and press Goto.

For frameworks that support a code-behind model, such as WPF and ASP.NET, Goto jumps between the design file and the code-behind file. For instance, place the caret in an element of a XAML file and press Goto to jump to the corresponding property, method, or event handler in the C# or VB code-behind file.

IDE Commands

The Goto command of Visual Assist differs from the Goto Definition and Goto Declaration commands of the the IDE. Visual Assist does not alter the functionality of the IDE commands.

Key Binding

By default, Alt+G also goes to an implementation. Unlike the Goto button, Alt+G opens a menu near your mouse pointer, not near the Goto button. Press Enter to select the first item. Press Alt+G again, before moving your text caret, to make the menu reappear.

Assign a shortcut other than Alt+G if you prefer.


The VA Navigation Bar must be visible to see the Goto button.


Implementations appear in the Goto menu with {...} suffixes. The braces and ellipses differentiate implementations from declarations in C/C++ code.

Invoking Goto from within a comment is supported, but the scope of the symbol is not taken into consideration. If more than one instance of the identically named symbol is found in your solution, you are presented with a list from which to select the desired declaration or implementation.