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Document Method

Refactoring with Document Method is a simple way of adding a comment block prior to a method. Components of the method, e.g. return value and parameters, are listed on separate lines of the block so you can document their meanings individually.

Hover over the declaration or implementation of a method and select Document Method from the refactoring menu.

A comment block is created prior to the method.

Format of Comment Block

You can modify the format of comment block by editing the VA Snippet for Refactor Document Method. There are separate VA Snippets for separate programming languages.

The VA Snippets entries include special characters expanded only when refactoring. These special characters are:

Reserved String Meaning
$SymbolName$ Name of method
$SymbolContext$ Context and name of method
$SymbolType$ Return type of method
$SymbolVirtual$ Keyword virtual or blank
$SymbolPrivileges$ Access of method
$SymbolStatic$ Keyword static or blank
$MethodQualifier$ Qualifier or blank
$MethodArg$ One parameter of the method and its type
$MethodArgName$ One parameter of the method
$MethodArgType$ Type of one parameter of the method

The line of the VA Snippets entry containing $MethodArg$ or $MethodArgName$ is repeated for each parameter of the method.

If you delete a VA Snippets entry and invoke Document Method, a default entry is created for you.