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Open Corresponding File

Source code is often split between pairs (or other n-tuples) of related files. For instance, C/C++ users often visit corresponding header and CPP files. Windows Forms developers commonly switch between the form's main code file and the designer file (e.g., Form1.cs and Form1.Designer.cs). ASP.NET developers frequently switch between .aspx and .cs or .vb code-behind files. Make the task simpler with a new button to open the file corresponding to the one you are editing.

When working with a pair of corresponding files, the other file is immediately opened when pressing the button. When working with a larger group of related files, a menu is offered to allow you to select the desired file.

Search Method

Visual Assist looks in the current directory of the file you are editing for the corresponding file. If not found, Visual Assist searches your project.


This command is also accessed using the VAssistX.OpenCorrespondingFile key binding (default is Alt+O).