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Underline Spelling Errors

Underline spelling errors as you write comments and strings, or check periodically in a batch mode. Checking as you write places squiggly lines under misspelled words.

You select the color of underlining in the Visual Assist options dialog.

Right+Click on a misspelled word and see a list of suggestions. Accept a suggested correction or add the word to your user dictionary.

Spell check in batch mode using a button in the Visual Assist toolbar. If present, your current selection is checked. If there is no selection, your current file is checked.

International Support

Installation of Visual Assist includes only a U.S. English dictionary. Additional dictionaries are available for more than 50 languages and dialects.

Visual Assist reads dictionaries in the format from OpenOffice.org.

Download your additional dictionary from OpenOffice.org, unzip, and copy the dic and optional aff files to the Dict subdirectory of the Visual Assist data directory:

C:\Documents and Settings\%USERNAME%\Application Data\VisualAssist\Dict\

Restart your IDE to make Visual Assist find your new dictionaries.

User Dictionary

When you Right+Click a misspelled word, you have the option to add the misspelled word to a dictionary of user-defined words. The words are stored in plain text in UserWords.txt in the Dict subdirectory. You can add words to the user dictionary, one word per line, with any text editor.

Commented Code

Visual Assist does not underline what it believes is commented code. This includes symbols defined in any context.

Words within comments that appear in PascalCase, camelCase or hungarian_notation are not underlined. Visual Assist assumes the words refer to symbols.

Preprocessor Macros

String arguments to C/C++ preprocessor macros are not checked, e.g. string arguments to _T().

An exception exists for misspelled words used elsewhere. If you misspell a word in a comment or string, then use it subsequently in a C/C++ preprocessor macro, the word is underlined.

Double Underlining

You see double underlining when the IDE underlines as well as Visual Assist. For example, Microsoft Visual Studio underlines strings in C# containing unrecognized escape sequences, and Visual Assist underlines the misspelled words in those strings.


A separate feature underlines mistyped symbols.

Words that contain, or are followed by, special characters such as @ and <, are assumed to be part of an email address or URL and are not underlined.

Formatting symbols such as %d and \n are not underlined.

Single-letter words are not considered misspelled.

Words are not underlined while typing them.