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Stable Symbols in Italics

Display stable symbols in italics and be certain you reference variables and methods from stable base classes. In general, symbols that do not, or rarely change, are considered stable. Symbols that are defined or overridden in your projects are not considered stable.

Enable italics in the options dialog for Visual Assist.

Stable Symbols in C/C++

Stable symbols are those declared in stable include files per the C/C++ Directories settings of Visual Assist, and typically include:

  • MFC
  • Third-party libraries
  • NuGet packages
  • Vcpkg libraries
  • Imported objects
  • System namespace

Stable Symbols in C#

Stable symbols are those in:

  • System namespace
  • Third-party namespaces
  • NuGet packages

Visual Studio 2008 and older

Italics appear better in select fonts. If your italicized symbols are clipped, try a different font. Consolas, Courier New, Lucida Console and Bitstream Vera Sans Mono work well.

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