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List of Code Inspections

Code Inspection LLVM/Clang Equivalent
and Documentation
Fixable Introduced
in Build
Constructor of shared_pointer can be replaced with make_shared modernize-make-shared 3 2210
Constructor of unique_pointer can be replaced with make_unique modernize-make-unique 3 2210
For loop can be converted to range-based loop modernize-loop-convert 3 2210
Overriding function without 'override' specifier modernize-use-override 3 2210
push_back can be replaced with emplace_back modernize-use-emplace 3 2210
Redundant 'void' parameter list modernize-redundant-void-arg 5 2210
Special member function body can be replaced with '= default' modernize-use-equals-default 3 2210
Typedef can be converted to 'using' declaration modernize-use-using 3 2210
Variable can be declared 'auto' modernize-use-auto 5 2210
Zero constant can be replaced with nullptr modernize-use-nullptr 3 2210