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Enable Source Links in text files

Enable Visual Assist for additional programming languages

Enable Visual Assist in file types with custom language service

Enable Visual Assist in second instance of Visual Studio 2008

Enable Visual Assist in very large code files

Exclude locally defined classes and typedefs from FSIS dialog

Expand VA Snippets when editing UE macros with Unreal Engine (UE)

Extend creation/construction hits to template functions


Feature request - code indenting and formatting

Feature request - more syntax coloring

Files with custom extensions

Find References does not hightlight items

Font for italic symbols in Visual Assist

Force input dialogs for VA Snippets to be modal

Force navigation features to select first alphabetical match


Hide dialog for Sort Selected Lines


IDE is unexpectedly reset during installation of Visual Assist

IDE spec for registry settings

IDE version for file paths

Improve IntelliSense with Unreal Engine 4 (UE4)

Inactive code is always colored

Include generated Unreal Engine 4 (UE4) headers in GoTo destinations



Jump to header files from the HCB


Keep Visual Assist for Visual C++ 6.0 only

Knowledge Base for Visual Assist


Legacy - Automated installation

Legacy - Determine PCs running Visual Assist

Legacy - License activation

Legacy - License check

Legacy - Purchasing FAQ

Limit the number of CPUs used by Visual Assist

Location of default VA Snippets


Make Add Include refrain from giving precedence to shortest path

Make Add Include use a specific token or include by filename

Make hex-only strings acceptable VA Hashtags

Make Repair Case convert mixed-case symbols

Make suggestion lists always have focus

Make suggestion lists close on exact match

Make surround selection with a VA Snippet require white space

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