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Make Add Include use a specific token or include by filename

When using the Add Include feature, Visual Assist automatically determines an appropriate path to a header file and the tokens that surround it in an #include directive. You can tell Visual Assist to use only a specific token, i.e., double quote or angle bracket, and to include by filename only. (Including by filename omits paths from directives.)

Current UI: See documentation for Add Include to specify an include style in the options dialog for Visual Assist.

Visual Assist builds 1826 through 2036

Specify a token and inclusion by filename with the following DWORD in the registry:

HKCU \ Software \ Whole Tomato \ Visual Assist X \ <IDE spec> \ AddIncludeTokenStyle = 0

Supported values:

0 = default behavior, i.e., automatically determine token and appropriate path
1 = use only "" with appropriate path
2 = use only<> with appropriate path

Visual Assist build 1925 through 2036

3 = automatically determine token and include by filename only
4 = use only "" and include by filename only
5 = use only <> and include by filename only

See also the Knowledge Base entries for Make Add Include refrain from giving precedence to shortest path and Set fallback path delimiter for Add Include.